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Diva Day 2014 was such a fun experience, from over 40 plus vendors to shop, fitness experts, along with hair and make-up pros. That doesn't even cover the live music talent and the fabulous fashion show.

The designers include:

Tereza Suessman

Aunts Funky's Closet - Michelle Thomas

Sky Trues - George Phelps

Zelet - Alicia Johnson

BB Sexy Couture - Betty Driver

Diva Dolls - Ramona

Chasity Sereal

For more on Diva Day, go to their facebook page:

Check out the recap:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
PicMonkey Collage (1).jpg
PicMonkey Collage (2).jpg
2014-10-12 20.46.12.jpg
2014-10-12 20.43.44.jpg
2014-10-12 20.43.04.jpg
2014-10-12 20.38.48.jpg
2014-10-12 20.35.55.jpg
2014-10-12 20.34.18.jpg
2014-10-12 20.33.17.jpg
2014-10-12 20.17.30.jpg
2014-10-12 20.15.56.jpg
2014-10-12 20.13.11.jpg
2014-10-12 20.11.09.jpg
2014-10-12 20.10.31.jpg
2014-10-12 20.09.04.jpg
2014-10-12 20.08.29.jpg
2014-10-12 20.07.58.jpg
2014-10-12 20.05.47.jpg
2014-10-12 20.05.10.jpg
2014-10-12 20.03.43.jpg
2014-10-12 20.01.22.jpg
2014-10-12 20.00.50.jpg
2014-10-12 19.59.54.jpg
2014-10-12 19.58.59.jpg
2014-10-12 19.58.39.jpg
2014-10-12 19.45.30.jpg
2014-10-12 19.11.31.jpg





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