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LiviRae Your Way - Houston

Ladies, are you wearing the right size bra? Chances are, you aren’t! Well, have no fear, Alicia Waiters is here! Alicia is Houston’s Mobile Bra Fit Specialist for LiviRae Lingerie! LiviRae is a specialty lingerie boutique located in Kennesaw, GA, which was made famous by Lifetime’s popular television show “Double Divas”. LiviRae launched “LiviRae Your Way” (LRYW), a mobile bra fitting service, in order to reach women throughout the United States. LRYW has representatives in Oklahoma, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Texas, which allow women to receive the personal, hands-on service that LiviRae is renowned for. Alicia has received training and certification as a LiviRae Bra Fit Specialist and she’s very good at what she does! She employs LiviRae’s custom fit technique and engages in complimentary one-on-one fitting consultations. The consultations are conducted at a time and place that is convenient to the client as Alicia will travel throughout the Houston area whenever necessary. Alicia educates women on the benefits of wearing the correct size bra and provides high quality bras, panties, shapewear, etc… to clients of all shapes and sizes. LiviRae specializes in providing bras in sizes that prove impossible to find in other lingerie stores at a fraction of the price. The LiviRae motto is “No bust too big or small, we fit ‘em all!” and they stand behind it 100%. Alicia’s mobile “fit kit” contains sizes 32B to 52N, so surely she has you covered!

Alicia does individual fittings, small gatherings, parties (host incentives are awesome), and will participate in many events that are geared toward women. Please contact her via email at, on Facebook at, or on Instagram at Livi_Rae_Your_Way_Houston. She is here to help you get your bra wardrobe moving in the right direction!

Alicia Waiters


Alicia Waiters

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